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What We do...

PRO-FACT is an inspection company delivering high quality services to help clients meet the growing challenges of quality, safety,and social responsibility.

How We do...

The reason We existed, is to make the brand and the international trading company with more appropriate choices. We come from the local community, therefore more familiar with the status quo.Let PRO-FACT act on your behalf,it will be more conducive you to know the truth.We maintain absolute impartiality and integrity in the supply chain audit,and provide detailed recommendations  for improvement to the factory, and truthfully to the realstatus of your feedback.

Auditing Service

If you want to make sure the supplier's production capacity,quality of management, social responsibility,or security management is standardized,you can choose an audit company to serve you, and you can also choose highly loyal PRO-FACT as your own audit agency.

PRO-FACT is highly professional and abide by integrity, respect for the fact and present you the real audit results.

Consulting Service

If  factories still need to improve, PRO-FACT will provide diagnostic and sustainable corrective plan for the factory.In order to help the factory achieve the international standardization , PRO-FACT send professional teams stationed in the factory, they will enhance the overall level of the manufacturer's management.

We have many years of consulting experience, and thus qualified for tough task of high professional counseling task. We firmly believe that a clear understanding of the international situation, the factory will be one step closer to international.